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Welcome to the Program Review Committee.

Scope & Functions


Per Title 5 §53200 and §53203, the Academic Senate Joint Program Review Committee shall be established by the mutual agreement of the Academic Senate and college and/or district administration.

Committee Structure

A. The Program Review Committee is a joint Academic Senate/administration committee in accordance with Board Policy 2210 and the Bylaws of the SMC Academic Senate to include 2:1 ratio of faculty to administrators: 6-8 regular or contract faculty members and 3-4 administrators.  Ex-officio resource staff from relevant areas such as Institutional Research may be invited to join the committee. 

(1)    Administrators are appointed by the Superintendent/President or designee.  One of the administrators will be designated to serve as vice-chair to the Committee.

(2)    A regular or contract faculty member is appointed by the Academic Senate president to serve as Committee chair.  Regular or contract faculty members are recruited to serve a minimum of term of one academic year by the Committee chair.  


The functions of the Program Review Committee, as detailed in the Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws, and in compliance with Title 5 §51022[a]§55000.5 and §55130, ACCJC Standard IIA(2)e, and the Education Code Section 78016, including the following:

A. To  review all existing instructional, student and instructional support services, and administrative services programs on both an annual and six-year cycle to document and ensure that all programs are engaged in ongoing self-evaluation and assessment to maintain and enhance their quality, vitality, and responsiveness to student, faculty, program and institutional needs and concerns.

B. To evaluate, modify, and update the process for Program Review.

C. To prepare an annual report to the College District Planning Advisory Council (DPAC) based on overarching trends and needs across programs as observed during the review process.

    1. The annual report to DPAC  includes all the responses to the Needs section of submitted program reviews (annual and six-year) and incorporates appropriate recommendations into that report.
    2. The annual report includes reviews submitted during the Spring and Fall semesters of one calendar year, as well as specific aggregated information from annual reports compiled during the current Spring semester.

D. To recognizes strengths and achievements of programs.

E. To verify the development and assessment of course - and/or program-appropriate outcomes and assessment plans, and ensure assessments are utilized to inform program improvement.

F. To provide program-specific recommendations to support program goals and planning based on information presented to the committee during the review process.

G. To prepare and disseminate Executive Summaries for each program reviewed that includes commendations, recommendations (both program-specific and/or institutional) and a general summary of the submitted Program Review report.

    1. Executive Summaries for each program reviewed during the calendar year (Spring-Fall semesters) are included in the annual report to DPAC as the basis for developing recommendations, especially the ones needing institutional support.

H. To identify overarching trends and needs across programs that inform the annual update of SMC's Master Plan for Education.


Chair, Stephanie Amerian

Vice-Chair, Erica LeBlanc


  • Steve Hunt

  • Teresa Garcia

  • Alaisen Reed​

Interested Parties

  • Annemarre Bautista, Institutional Research

  • Nate Donahue, Academic Senate President

  • Dana Nasser, Chair, Curriculum Committee 


  • Tammara Whitaker

  • Ferris Kawar


Time: Selected Tuesdays, 3 to 5 p.m.

Location: Library 275 (unless otherwise noted in agenda)​ * PLEASE NOTE THAT  ALL FALL 2020 PROGRAM REVIEW MEETINGS WILL BE THROUGH ZOOM CONFER

PDF FileMeeting Schedule​​​​​​​​​​​ for 2020-2021

Word Document  Agenda: Black Collegians for September 22, 2020


Documents & Links

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