​​​​​ Business Information Workers

About the Business Information Worker Program

Business Information Worker Stage 1

Increase your marketability and on-the-job success by taking the Business Information Worker Pathway courses and completing the BIW Stage 1 and 2 Certificates of Achievement. With a solid foundation in Windows and Microsoft Office, as well as strong digital and web literacy skills, the Business Information Worker brings efficiency and productivity to the workplace. Complete the first seven courses for the BIW Stage 1 certification. For more information about this program, please contact CIS-INFO@smc.edu.

Course TitleCourse NameSkill Set Achieved
Keyboarding 1OFTECH 1Keyboarding
Introduction to Computer Information SystemsCIS 1Windows and Basic Information Systems
Microsoft WordCIS 37Microsoft Word
Microsoft ExcelCIS 30Microsoft Excel, Introductory
MS Outlook - Comprehensive CourseCIS 39Microsoft Outlook
Business CommunicationsBUS 32Business Communications (Business English)
Human Relations and Ethical Issues in BusinessBUS 62Human Relations and Customer Service

Business Information Worker Stage 2

Becoming skilled in PowerPoint, QuickBooks, Records Management, and collaboration software increase your value and promotability. Build on the BIW Pathway by completing the Microsoft Excel course in BIW Stage 1 and five additional courses.

Course TitleCourse NameSkill Set Achieved
Microsoft ExcelCIS 30Microsoft Excel, Intermediate
Microsoft PowerPointCIS 38Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft AccessCIS 32Microsoft Access
QuickBooksCIS 35Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks
Records ManagementOFTECH 33Electronic Records Management with Access
Customer Relationship ManagementBUS 35​Introduction to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The BIW Pathways Courses Listed Teach Advanced Concepts In:

  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Sales Support