All department phone numbers are (310) 434 plus the four-digit phone extension found below.

Department Contact Information

Scholars Program4371  
Scholarship Program42908842 
School Relations4189  
Science Tutoring4630  
Service Learning8205  
Shuttle Information3554  
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)3566  
Soccer (Women's)4598  
Social Science Department (aka Philosophy / Social Sciences)42443692 
Softball (Women's)4564  
Staff Development4986  
Station C4664  
Statistics on SMC4390  
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)3988  
Student Affairs4958  
Student Body President4251  
Student Life42508274 
Student Services (Bundy Campus)3440  
Student Success Program4803  
Student Trustee4980  
Superintendent/President's Office4200  
Superintendent's Office4200  
Swimming and Diving3526  
Switchboard (TeleComm)30103029