​​FAQ Topics

Book Vouchers

Are the book vouchers given on a first-come basis or will everyone who is eligible to receive it?

All eligible students will receive the book voucher.

When will I get the book voucher?

Once deemed eligible, you may go to the Bookstore and use your voucher, according to the following schedule:

  • ​​​​Summer 2020: June 8 – July 17
  • Fall 2020: August 17 – October 30
  • Winter 2021: December 7 – January 15
  • Spring 2021: February 2 – April 23​

Does the book voucher expire?

Yes. The book voucher may be used only during the semester it is awarded by the specific deadline above. 

Can I get a refund if I am awarded the SMC Promise book voucher, but I already purchased my books?

Yes. Just go back to the Bookstore with your original receipts and books.

Can I transfer the voucher to another student?

No. The voucher is attached to your name and to the class materials you need for your courses. Thus, it cannot be transferred or used for other purposes.

Can I use the voucher at a 3rd party bookstore?


Can I use the voucher in the online SMC Bookstore or only in person?

The book voucher may only be used online at https://bookstore.smc.edu/ while the physical store is closed due to COVID-19.​ 

Can the book voucher be used for other class materials?

Only if they are on the list of required materials submitted by the instructor to the Bookstore. You may also use it to purchase the SMC Promise Starter Kit.

Do students still get the book voucher or the free enrollment after the first year?

Students eligible for a second year of SMC Promise will still get the book voucher. 


Do I get notified after I join the program?

Yes. You will get confirmation of being an SMC Promise student once you complete the necessary form on Corsair Connect. An email confirmation will follow. 

​Do I qualify for the SMC Promise award if I got my GED or CHSPE from a California high school in 2019?

Proof that you attended a California high school and received your GED/CHSPE in 2019 is required to qualify. Take your documentation to Admissions and let them know you qualify for the SMC Promise.

Do I still qualify if I take a gap year from college as a whole and then ​apply?

No. Only students graduating high school in the previous academic year qualify for the SMC Promise. A gap year will disqualify you from eligibility.

Is there a way to check if my school is eligible?

All California high schools, public and private are eligible.​

What happens if I drop below 12 units during the semester?

Students must stay enrolled in 12 units throughout the semester to qualify. Dropping below 12 units will disqualify you from the SMC Promise in future terms. Before you drop classes, see a counselor for assistance to help you remain eligible. Failure to meet SMC Promise requirements may also result in you having to pay your fees or to repay any fees SMC may have already covered. A hold will be placed on your record until the fees are paid back.

Where do I sign up? What are the steps to sign up?

If you are an eligible student, go to Corsair Connect where you will see a popup message informing you of how to accept the award.If you do not see this message, you are not eligible. If you believe you are, go to the Welcome Center and explain.


Enrollment Fees

Am I guaranteed free enrollment for both fall and spring semesters?

Free enrollment eligibility is guaranteed so long as you complete all requirements, including enrolling and completing a minimum of 12 units each semester. You will also be eligible for summer and winter of the academic year, provided you enroll and complete 12 or more units.

If I paid my fees already and I now qualify for the program, can I get a refund?

Yes. You will receive a refund a few weeks after the term has ended.

Will my award pay for my winter enrollment?

If you successfully complete 12 units in the Fall semester and enroll in at least 12 units in Winter and in Spring, then yes. 

Will the SMC Promise award cover my health, ID card, and A.S. fees?

Yes. To get your student ID card, simply go to the Bursar's Office and let the staff know you are a Promise student. 

Do students still get the book voucher or the free enrollment after the first year?

Students eligible for a second year of SMC Promise will still get the book voucher or the free enrollment. 

Financial Aid

Can I receive the SMC Promise award if I am already getting other financial aid awards, such as the Community College Completion Grant or the Full-Time Success Grant?


How does the SMC Promise award affect my financial aid?

The SMC Promise award supplements your financial aid award. We do not expect it to negatively impact your funding. If you have questions, go to the Financial Aid Office.

What if I don't qualify for the Cal Grant or other financial aid?

To be eligible for the SMC Promise award, you must submit a FAFSA or a Dream Act Application (if undocumented). However, you do not need to qualify for a Cal Grant or other financial aid to receive the SMC Promise award.

What if my parents make above average income. Will I still be able to qualify for free tuition and vouchers?

To be eligible for the SMC Promise award, you must submit a FAFSA or a Dream Act Application (if undocumented). You do not need to qualify for financial aid to receive the free enrollment. The only way to get the book voucher is to apply and qualify for the California College Promise Grant.

What is the difference between the Santa Monica College Promise and the California College Promise Grant?

The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) covers enrollment fees only, and only for low-income students. The SMC Promise is not dependent on student need and covers the additional fees, including up to $1,200 in book vouchers for CCPG-students.