Here is a checklist of the basic steps to get you started

To be eligible, complete the 8th Grade and be at least 13 years of age

Basic Steps
(see details and links below)

  1. Apply to SMC and get ​an SMC ID Number
  2. Complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) Application
  3. Complete the Placement process if the course you want to take has an English or Math prerequisite
  4. Submit HSCE Application and a full high school transcript to the SMC Admissions Office
  5. Once admitted, you will receive an email with approved and prescribed courses
  6. Enroll yourself in classes
  1. Apply to SMC and get an SMC ID Number

    • You apply to SMC only one time--so long as you do not change schools and you remain a high school student.
    • Tip: Avoid using temporary school email addresses to prevent delays in receiving your Admissions email. 
    • After applying, login to the SMC student portal, Corsair Connect, to activate your account and to access your SMC student email. 
    • Complete all steps below to enroll in classes.
  2. Complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment Application

    • You must submit a HSCE application every term--one application per term--every term you want to enroll. 
    • Speak with your high school counselor to go over and approve the classes you want to take.
    • Check the Schedule of Classes for available classes/times (do not search for "Dual Enrollment" classes)​​. Go to the Class Information page to learn more.
    • Get digital signatures from your parent and high school counselor. School Principle signature required for SUMMER classes only. If either of these individuals cannot sign your application digitally, follow our "Getting Signatures​" alternative.
    • Get a full transcript from your school and turn it in with your HSCE ​application.​
  3. Complete the Placement process if the course you want to take has an English or Math prerequisite.

    • Login to Corsair Connect, click on the "Placement" tab, and follow instructions.
    • If you place into a higher class than the prerequisite​ you are trying to meet, you are all set. 
  4. Submit the Completed High Scholl Concurrent Enrollment Application and your Full High School Transcript to the SMC Admissions Office

  5. Once Admitted

    • Admissions and​ Records staff will input the courses for which you have been approved into the enrollment system. You will receive an email informing you of this approval and your next steps.
    • The confirmation email will be sent to the personal email submitted on the ​​original ​application.
    • You may self-enroll in pre-approved courses up to 6 units or 2 classes (whichever is greater) per term on or after your designated enrollment date.
    • If your second class will take you over 6 units, the system will not allow you to add the class. Please email concurrentenrollment@smc.edu​ with the semester and class section information to enroll in the course. You will be added to the course if space permits.
  6. Enroll in Your Courses

    • Don't miss your enrollment date/time for the best chance to get into classes.
    • Enroll through your student portal, Corsair Connect.
    • You can enroll up until when classes start, after which you will need an Instructor Approval Code. Go to our Class Information to learn more.
    • Your tuition is FREE*, but you must pay other applicable fees (mandatory health fee: $18-$21 per term; student ID card: $13; student representation fee: $2 per term; parking permit, if needed; books/supplies).
    • Buy your books at the SMC Bookstore.
    • Attend courses when the term starts. Don't miss the first week!
    • You are responsible for all deadlines. This is college and a college transcript will be created.

*Only to California residents who are physically attending school in California. F1/F2 students and other nonresidents must pay full cost.