​How to Clear a Records Hold

If you have a Records Hold, it is likely we found a discrepancy with your name, date of birth, or Social Security Number. To clear the hold so you may proceed to enroll, you will need to provide the following documents to Admissions & Records--in person or by email using your SMC email account. We will not accept documents from your personal email account. Be sure to include your SMC ID number in the email.

  • Records-Name Hold: present a government-issued photo identification such as a passport and your birth certificate to the Admissions & Records Office. If you have changed your name, please provide a copy of the marriage license, divorce decree, or court order for the name change. You may also email these documents to admissions@smc.edu from your SMC email account. 

  • Records-DOB Hold: present a government-issued photo identification and your birth certificate or passport to the Admissions & Records Office.

  • Records-Social Security Number: you most likely provided a different SSN than you used in the past at SMC or your number matched that in another record. Provide your Social Security Number card and a government issued identification to the Admissions & Records Office.​​