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SMC GO​ is the official mobile app for Santa Monica College. It is managed by Enrollment Services. Sending information to students via SMC GO can increase students' awareness of services, resources, an​d events offered at the College. With the use of opt-in channels, a student can better personalize their interaction with the app and experience at SMC. We are currently seeking campus partners interested in communicating with SMC GO users directly through the app; with your assistance, students will be in the "SMC-know, so that they can SMC GO!" If your department is interested and willing to craft and schedule your own opt-in channel messages, please review the information below and submit your request.

SMC GO Messaging Platform

Messages can be sent at this time through SMC GO to (1) all app users (by Enrollment Services) messages), (2) users of a specific app experience (iOS​ or Android), or to (3) users who have opted-in to a specific messaging channel.

Messages may be displayed as "in-app" banners on the SMC GO homepage or in a specific app module page, and as a push notification that displays on the user's phone screen when the message is received (available if user allows push notifications).

SMC departments may request to send a message to all app users with prior approval. Those approved for an opt-in channel (see requirements below) will be able to send their own messages directly on SMC GO to their opt-in channel. 


Requirements for an Opt-In Channel

  • Channel is of interest to a large segment of SMC GO users (currently over 20,000 active spp users).
  • Channel proposer will be responsible for creating their own content and submitting it through Modo Communicate (the app communication platform--training will be provided). 
  • The timing of messages may be regulated to ensure app users are not over-messaged on select dates/times. College wide enrollment-related messages will always take precedence.
  • Channel is expected to post content at least once every other week. After 8 weeks of inactivity, the channel will be removed from the app.
  • Sharing personally identifiable information and use of explicit or offensive language and content are prohibited.​

​​​​Opt-In Channel Request

​FAQs on SMC GO​ Opt-In Channels

What are Opt-In Channels?

​Opt-in channels are a feature of the SMC GO mobile app that enable SMC entities and partners to send messages (manually, scheduled, or linked to an RSS feed) to a specific messaging channel in the app. These channels allow all users to read information from specific messaging channels in the app.

What are Opt-In messages?
Opt-in messages are short communications that SMC GO app users who subscribe to an Opt-in channel receive on the SMC GO mobile app. Opt-in messages include a title, description, category, delivery method, and links to content in the app or to an external site. A graphic can also be included.

Are messages private? Can I restrict who gets messages?
No. All channels and the messages sent through them are public to everyone, anyone can read them. 

Do users need to opt-in to read messages?
All users of the SMC GO mobile app can opt-in to any Opt-in channel in the app. There is no authentication required to opt-in or to read any messages in these channels. A user can opt-in to receive push notifications to their device when new messages are available in a channel. If the user does not opt-in to a channel, they will not receive a push notification, but can still read the message in the message center in the app.

Can anyone have an Opt-in channel?
Currently the amount of channels is limited. However, we encourage everyone interested to request a channel so that we can both better meet the needs of students and also so that we can better plan the future of the app.

How can I help promote my Opt-In channel?
You can promote your opt-in channel by asking your students to download SMC GO and to opt-in to your channel. Make sure they enable push notifications to get instant updates! 

I'm still not sure and have questions.
Please feel free to contact Esau Tovar or Cleve Barton.

What do the SMC GO notifications look like?
Here are a couple screenshots to show you.

SMCGOpush1.png  SMCGOpush2.png