​​​Corsair E-Docs

Corsair E-Docs is your new, mobile one-stop portal for submitting documents to the Financial Aid Office.

You may be directed here for one of the following reasons:

  • Federal Verification

  • A Financial Aid Appeal

  • Citizenship Review

  • Selective Service or Veteran Status Confirmation

  • Other Federal Eligibility Issues

Corsair E-Docs

You need to create an account in order to complete the financial aid process. You can also ‘opt in’ for text messaging when you create your account. Once you login, you can complete and submit any required documents within your portal.

The link above with take you to the login page. Sign in with your current Canvas ID and password. The ‘Create Account’ page will open. You need to create your account with the information exactly as it appears on your FAFSA. If the information does not match you will get a ‘1010 error code’. Review and correct the information and try again if this occurs.

Once your information is verified you will see a list of required documents and or actions. You can complete the documents, apply your e-signature and submit electronically. Your parents will need to sign electronically as well. An email will go out to request the signature.

Guidelines for Account Creation

  • The name you used on your FAFSA needs to be the same name you use to create an account.

  • You need to create your account before your parent does.

  • Your Corsair Connect password is your e-signature (PIN), which must be different than your parent's e-signature.

  • Don't forget that once your parent signs the requested documents, you will need to go back in and complete all required steps.


Can I use the same email address for myself and my parent when creating both accounts for Corsair E-Docs?

No, you will need to use a separate email address. Two accounts are not permitted to have the same email address.

Note: Students must use their SMC email address to register.

Does my parent have to e-sign the forms I complete in Corsair ​E-Docs?

If your parent was required to provide information on the FAFSA, they will need to sign the form(s) If you choose the e-sign option, your parent will need to e-sign as well.

If you choose to print out the form and physically sign it, your parent will need to provide a physical signature as well.

How does my parent create an account for Corsair E-Docs?

For your parent to create an account in Corsair E-Docs, you must first complete all tasks you have been assigned within the system.

If you are choosing to e-sign your form(s) there will be an option to request your parent's e-signature as well. Click on the "Request" box and enter your parent's email address. An email will then be sent to your parent prompting them to create a Corsair E-Docs account.

Note: If you have siblings who attend SMC and also need to complete tasks using Corsair E-Docs, your parent will need to create a separate account for each sibling using a different (unique) email address.

Is my parent able to upload or make changes to documents on my account?

No, your parent will not be able to upload any documents to your Corsair E-Docs account.

All documents must be uploaded by you. Parents also will not be able to make changes to documents you have submitted.

Before signing, your parent will have an option to review the documentation and reject it if corrections are needed. Once you have made corrections, you will again click the "Request" box to send your parent another e-sign request.

My parent forgot their password for Corsair E-Docs. How do they reset their password?

Once the parent has verified their email address, they can use the "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password" links on the login screen.

I am trying to create a Corsair E-Docs Account and I keep getting ‘Error Code 1010’. How do I login?

When creating an account, all information (name, social security number, date of birth) must be entered exactly as it appears on your FAFSA.

If your name contains suffixes (i.e., Jr., Sr., II, III) or punctuation (i.e., spaces, apostrophes, hyphens), ensure you have entered any of these items exactly as it was on your FAFSA. Error code 1010 is always due to either a) incorrect information that does not match the student's FAFSA being entered on the account creation screen, or b) the student's FAFSA is not importing into the Corsair E-Docs because it is incomplete (i.e., rejected for missing signatures).

I need to update my form but I already submitted in Corsair E-Docs. How do I update my form?

To update any of your unprocessed forms or documents, please contact us, and we will be able to reject the submitted item(s) so that you may make corrections and resubmit.

What types of files can be uploaded into Corsair E-Docs?

PDF, JPG, PNG, and BMP files are able to be uploaded.

Word documents cannot be uploaded to Corsair E-Docs.

Mobile devices equipped with a camera can be used to take photos of your document(s) and then upload them directly into Corsair E-Docs in your mobile web browser (remember to use Chrome) quickly and easily.

What internet browsers are supported by Corsair E-Docs?

Corsair E-Docs supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11.

Word documents cannot be uploaded to Corsair E-Docs.

However, we highly recommend using Chrome with Corsair E-Docs on both desktop and mobile devices.