Applied learning can be applied to all disciplines and in a variety of ways including as a course requirement or in-lieu of another project, exam, or assignment, etc. However, for you, your students, and the community partners to have a positive, long-lasting and productive experience possible, the importance of integrating applied learning should not be underestimated. Incorporating an applied learning component in a course takes careful consideration and planning.

If you have an interest in applied learning, please consult the Applied Learning Program. We will provide support and assistance to help you develop a successful applied learning course.

Schedule Faculty Checklist
  • Brainstorm
  • Review the Applied Learning Faculty Guide
  • Review the student participation process
  • Contact the Applied Learning Program
  • Decide how to integrate applied learning (requirement, option, extra credit)
  • Select a community partner from the Community Partner Database
  • Identify applied learning student projects with the community partner
  • Attend a community partner instructor tour (highly recommended)
  • Confirm a time for the Applied Learning Coordinator to host an Applied Learning Student Orientation (1st week of the semester)
  • Confirm when students are required to submit Applied Learning Program paperwork (i.e. Application and Agreement form, Time Log, Student Evaluation, etc.) with the Applied Learning Program
  • Design reflective assignments/exercises
  • Include Applied Learning language in your course syllabus
Week 1
  • Review course syllabus with students including applied learning assignments
  • Students attend the Applied Learning Student Orientation hosted by the Applied Learning Program
Weeks 2 and 3
  • Students reach out to the community partner(s) and complete community partner requirements (i.e. background, application, TB test, etc.)
Week 4
  • Students the Student Application and Agreement form to the Applied Learning Program
Week 5
  • Applied Learning Program provides faculty with student participant list
  • Students attend a Community Partner Orientation, then begin their applied learning experience
  • Students record their hours on their Student Time Log
  • Students complete any course assignments assigned by their instructor
  • Faculty/Applied Learning Program check-in with your community partner(s)
Weeks 12 and 13
  • Faculty introduce closure to their students
  • Students begin creating closure with their community partner
  • Applied Learning Program emails evaluation forms to students and community partners
Week 14
  • Students end their applied learning experience and submit their Time Log and Student Evaluation to the Applied Learning Program
  • Students finalize any paperwork with their community partner
  • Community Partner supervisor submits a Supervisor Evaluation to the Applied Learning Program
Weeks 15 and 16
  • Applied Learning Program provides faculty with a list of participating students and hours completed