STudents Learning Through Experience 

Applied Learning Program Role

The role of the Applied Learning Program is to be a liaison between SMC instructors, applied learning students and community partners. As a liaison, the Applied Learning Program helps to create and support partnerships between all participants. To learn more about what is applied learning and the role of the Applied Learning Program, visit the Applied Learning Program page.

Benefits of Participating in Applied Learning

Participating in applied learning experiences can benefit various individuals. To find out more information on how the Applied Learning Program can benefit you as an student, visit the Benefits of Participating page.

Examples of Applied Learning Project Ideas

Did you know that applied learning can be used across the curriculum, in all disciplines and levels of coursework? Are you interested in putting into action the knowledge and skills you are developing through your coursework? Visit the Applied Learning Project Examples page to see examples of project ideas based on general disciplines.

Student Application Process

Participating in applied learning is a great opportunity for you to get more out of your course work and do something fun and exciting. Whether you are a new student or continuing, you can develop and practice new skills in a real world setting, and reflect on your interests. To learn more about how to sign up for applied learning, visit Signing up for the Applied Learning Program.

Applied Learning Program Calendar

There are a few important dates for students to keep in mind when participating in the Applied Learning Program. For a list of student deadlines, visit the Applied Learning Calendar.

Applied Learning Program Forms

Whether you are a student, faculty, or community partner, many of the forms you need to start your applied learning experience with the Applied Learning Program can be found on the Applied Learning Forms page.

Community Partner Database

If you are an SMC faculty or student and need access to organizations who have registered with the Applied Learning Program, this information can be found on our Community Partner Database page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers to your questions. Please check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for community partner, student, and faculty related questions.

Contact the Applied Learning Program

The Applied Learning Program welcomes the opportunity to discuss service-learning concerns, questions about the Applied Learning Program, and the role of Community Partners. To find out how tor reach the Applied Learning Program, visit the Contact the Applied Learning Program page.

PDF FileApplied Learning Student Guide

The Student Guide is a resource for you, if you are interested in or required to participate in a course with an applied learning component. The guide answers questions about what is applied learning, what are the requirements to participate, how to sign up and complete an applied learning experience, and more. Please review this document prior to starting your experience and as needed throughout your applied learning experience.