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Etiquette Tip of the Week: Open All Year

By Callista Gould, Author, and Certified Etiquette Instructor​​​

A lot of career fairs and other networking events for job-seeking college students are being cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus. Having the career fair canceled is disappointing, especially when you have prepared to speak to the employers.

But there's great news. You don't have to wait until the next career fair, because those employers are open all year. You can contact them any time you want. Here are three ways to reach out to employers, without contracting Coronavirus or infecting someone else:

1) Send a personalized invite on LinkedIn. For ideas on what to include in your invite, first read the person's bio or any other articles you can find about the person. LinkedIn is about relationship building, so your invite should not contain the phrase, "I need a job."

2) Call the person on the phone. This is a bold move, because most job candidates chicken out and just fill out online forms. Try calling five or ten minutes before a normal workday begins. Any manager worth anything is in the workplace early.

3) Send an email. "But there's no email contact for the person on the website or anywhere," you say? Then guess. The larger the organization, the more likely that person's email address follows a pattern. ( or Plug the root of the email ("") into a search engine to find others who work for the same organization. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 guesses (you know it's wrong when the email bounces back.) I've reached some really impossible-to-reach people this way.

​Don't let a little social distancing from COVID-19 stop you from networking your way into the job of your dreams. And don't forget to wash your hands well.​

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