Deaf/hard of hearing services

Come study at one of the top transfer colleges in the state, located in beautiful Santa Monica, less than two miles from the beach. Our program offers a variety of top quality services and accommodations to ensure full access to SMC’s academic classes, events and co-curricular activities.

Accommodations may include:

  • Sign Language Interpreters

  • Real-Time Captionists

  • Assistive Listening Devices

  • Academic and personal counseling

  • Note takers

  • Test accommodations (extended time, separate testing room)

  • Videophone (current students with access card)

In order to request any support services you must:

  • Be enrolled at SMC

  • Complete the DSPS application, including medical proof of your disability

  • Meet with a DSPS counselor to plan classes and request accommodations

  • Complete the Authorization for Sign Language Interpreter/Real Time Captioner form

  • Sign the Students Rights and Responsibilities for Interpreting/Captioning Services form

Students are responsible for requesting services and accommodations every term, well before the semester begins or as soon as you enroll in classes in order to best ensure and facilitate timely service delivery.

For assistance regarding media captioning:

  • eCollege media captioning needs, contact Christine Miller, (310) 434-3765

  • For all other media captioning needs, contact Tom Peters, (310) 434-8706

DHHS Contact Information

  • DHH Supervisor

    Denise Henninger
    Text: (818) 570-3813
    DHH voice: (310) 434-4497
    Videophone: (424) 238-1635

    DSPS Front Office

    DSPS: (310) 434-4265
    Fax: (310) 434-4272

  • Location

    Center for Students with Disabilities
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
    Student Services Center – 1st floor