In an Emergency 24/7

For on-campus emergencies.
i.e., a student is a danger to him/herself or others, during office hours or after hours.

Contact campus police at
(310) 434-4300

For off-campus emergencies call

Susan Fila, Ph.D., Director, Health and Wellbeing

Alison Brown, Ph.D., Coordinator, Psychologist

Danilo Donoso, Psy.D., Psychologist

Sandra Rowe, Ph.D., Psychologist​

Jennifer Bulger, Psy.D., Postdoctoral Intern

Marlene Ruiz, M.A., APCC P​ostgraduate Intern​

Martha Whitfield, Student Services Assistant

Part-Time Psychotherapists in Special Programs and Satellite Campuses

Contact information below to schedule appointments:

Maria Reynoso, Ph.D. Black Collegians/Adelante Program available Mondays and Thursdays. 
Contact number: (310) 434-4232 (Black Collegians) or (310) 434-4459 (Adelante)

Thea Winkler, LMFT. Black Collegians/Adelante Program available Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Kimberly Rios-Lam, Psy.D., STEM/Dream Program, available Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Contact number: (310) 434-4750

Susana Stewart, LCSW, EOPS/Guardian Scholars/CalWorks, available Wednesdays
Contact number (310) 434-8774

Shelley Pearce, LMFT Center for Students with Disabilities, available Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Contact number (310) 434-4265

Marianna Oganesyan, LMFT, Satellite campuses, available Tuesdays (Bundy), Wednesdays (CMD), and Thursdays (PAC)
Contact number (310) 434-3549 or email at oganesyan_marianna@smc.edu

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