• Forms are for SMC Departments and SMC Student Organizations use only.

  • Complete the forms online and download for signatures where specified.

  • Incomplete or illegible forms will be returned to you, and it may delay your requests.

  • Please complete and submit to the Office of Student Life by the applicable deadline.

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​Associated Students (A.S.) Forms & Documents

Section #1: Student Government Policy, Flyers, & Position Applications

Section #2: A.S. Proposal Forms



Given the current campus updates regarding COVID-19:

  •  A.S. & DEPTS. proposals for next year 2020-2021 will be accepted in August 2020.   

  • Clubs will need to be installed in the Fall 2020 before their proposal can be considered.

  • A.S. will be accepting limited proposals for remote/online activities, and purchases.

  • Proposals for in-person events, activities, and field trips will NOT be accepted.

  • ​​Check our Agendas & Minutes page for the meeting agendas in pdf format.  

Any questions can be sent to rodriguez_isaac@smc.edu

  • SPRING 2020:  The Last Day for all A.S., ICC, & Club activities is May 31, 2020.

  • 2019-2020:  A.S. REQUISITIONS DEADLINE is June 8, 2020,  email complete and signed Reqs. with all attachments to OSL@SMC.EDU


The deadline for Spring 2020 proposals has passed.       

NEW: All Proposals will require the PROPOSA​L SIGNATURE PAGE​  scanned & submitted on your proposal link.

Working with a food vendor? Please READ the SMC Approved Food Vendors before completing your proposal.

Section #3: A.S. Request Forms

Section #4: A.S. Field Trip Forms,  

These A.S. Field Trip Forms are only to be used for clubs and A.S. Directors' field trips.

Attention Departments Programs:  Please do not use these field trip forms, contact your Dept. Chair or the SMC Risk Managment Dept.

  • A.S. Field Trip Club Roster Form - Required For ALL Club Field Trips

  • A.S. Field Trip Day Trip Form - Required for Day Trips ONLY

  • A.S. Field Trip Individual Form​ - Use for the following reasons:                                                                                                                  a) overnight trips (all students) or                                                                                                             b) students under 18 yrs. old, attending any day or night trip.

  • PDF FileEarly Departure Form

Section #5: A.S. Pre-Filled Health Form & Layout Diagrams:

This A.S. Pre-Filled Health Form is only to be used by clubs and A.S. Directors' events.

​Attention Departments / Programs:  Please do not use this health form, contact the Los Angeles Health Dept for your Health Form:  PDF FileContact Info

  1. Also ATTACH one of the LAYOUT DIAGRAMS listed below or draw your own. 
  2. Show on the dia​gram  where the food-canopy and other equipment will be located.   

Section #6: Club forms link

Inter-Club-Council (ICC) has club registrations, club lists, ICC Constitution, ICC Orientation (club manual), How to start a Club info, etc.

​Section #7: City, County, State & Federal Forms