​​​​​Veterans Resource Center

1900 Pico Blvd
Cayton Building, Invictus ​Lower Level
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 434-8205

Faculty Leader, Veterans Resource Center

  • Kevin Benitez 

Veterans Resource Specialist, Senior Certifying Official

  • Martha Romano ​

Student Services Assistant Veterans Programs, Certifying Official

  • Melvin Kennard 


  • ​Christina Sandoval 
  • William Martinez
  • Krys Gonzalez

VetSuccess Counselor

  • Dr. Julie Johns at julie.johns2@va.gov
    (Dr. Johns is an Outreach Representative who works for the Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation and Employment Division that assists SMC Veterans with Transition Support Services)

U.S. Vets Wellness Counselor 

  • Carl Freeman at cfreeman@usvetsinc.org​                                                                                               (The U.S. Vets Clinician is the therapist that provides confidential therapy to student veterans and their dependents.)