​​​Why haven't I gotten an SMC e-mail account (which I requested some time ago)?

We strive for a quick turn-around -- no more than three working days, and often within 24 hours. The successful processing of your request, however, requires that the H.R. employment record has been entered and is up-to-date. Academic Personnel at ext. 4417 handles records for instructors. Classified Personnel at ext. 4881 handles records for regular classified staff.

I can't remember my password: what is it?

If you haven't yet logged into your new account, the password is likely still its initial value of SMC-####, where #### is the last four digits of your Social Security number (e.g., SMC-1234). To reset your password, visit the resetting a forgotten password page

I use a Mac and I know my password but it suddenly stopped working (at home or school or both). What happened?

If you haven't changed your password in the last year, it is likely that your password has expired. If you use a Mac, you will not receive any notifications that your password is about to expire. In this case, follow the instruction for resetting a forgotten password.

I tried "SMC-" plus the last four digits of my Social Security number as my password, but I still can't log in. Now, what do I do?

Contact either the IT Helpdesk (ext. 3011) or Network Services to have your password reset to SMC plus hyphen plus the last four digits of your Social Security number. Make sure to have your SMC employee ID number ready when you call, so your identity can be verified.

How do I change my password?

Log in at any PC on campus; hit Ctrl-Alt-Del; click on the "Change Password..." button and follow the prompts. If you are using a Mac or are off-campus, please click here, login and follow the instructions.

How may I obtain an SMC webpage for myself (or my department)?

Submit the e-form at Home Page Request Form. (Note that you must first have an SMC e-mail account.)

Some of my e-mail messages appear to be missing; where are they?

Here are a few things to try before e-mailing the Postmaster to investigate: (1) change the current view so as to not filter messages, (2) make sure there are no auto-archiving or auto-delete rules that are removing your messages, and (3) try using Find or Advanced-Find to locate messages that you may have inadvertently moved to another folder.

Can the Postmaster tell me the e-mail address of someone at SMC?

If your request is made from a College-affiliated account, the Postmaster can e-mail you the address, although the intended recipient will also be cc'd that someone requested the address. If the request comes from an off-campus account (even from one that clearly belongs to an affiliate of the College), the Postmaster will reply with the statement of policy, bc'ing the address so that the intended recipient can initiate contact with you.

Can I get an e-mail account, even though I'm on a temporary assignment at SMC?

Typically, temporary employees are not granted e-mail privileges or access to the campus network. This is both as a matter of policy, as well as in the interests of general security. Exceptions can be made upon the approval of the Vice President who oversees the project/department, and if your supervisor vouches that e-mail access is necessary for you to perform a specific work-related task or fulfill a required job function or responsibility.

Will my e-mail account be closed when my temporary assignment has terminated?

Yes. Your supervisor was originally notified when the account would automatically become disabled (based on the termination date of your assignment to the department). It is your supervisor's responsibility to coordinate with H.R. any extensions in an assignment and to ensure that the Postmaster is notified to keep the account active beyond the original termination date. It is a sensible security policy to automatically disable accounts when a user apparently is no longer employed by the District. Please have your supervisor act early to avoid disruptions of access to networking resources. Many temporary workers have default termination dates of June 30th, so be sure to have H.R. update their records in advance of that date to accurately reflect continuing assignments.

I have a long name; can I get an alternative e-mail address so non-campus senders can e-mail me more easily?

The Postmaster can assign an alias to your mailbox (e.g., your e-mail address is FERBERBURGER_FREDERICK_A@smc.edu but you want others to be able to send messages to faferber@smc.edu). Due to the volume of such requests, however, the Postmaster reserves the right to decide whether an alias is warranted.

Some of my faculty/staff colleagues know me by another name; can I have two (or more) e-mail addresses?

E-mail the Postmaster to request the creation of an e-mail alias. Be advised that if your alias conflicts with an existing SMC e-mail address, your request will be denied; also, if a new faculty/staff member subsequently appears whose given name matches one of your aliases, the Postmaster will have the discretion to re-assign the address and revoke the alias.

How do I change my name (for both logon account and e-mail address)?

You must first change your name with Human Resources (i.e., your new name must appear in the ISIS Administrative system). Then, e-mail the Postmaster from your existing e-mail account and provide the following information: (1) your SMC employee ID number [found on the back of your SMC ID card] and (2) the exact time [between 8:00am and 4:00pm] and date [non-holiday weekday] you want the new name to take effect. Don't forget to use your new name the next time you log in!

I misplaced the printed instructions I was given when I first got an e-mail account; may I see them again?

View the email instructions online.