Adobe has changed their licensing options, which requires updating currently installed Adobe products on your computer. 

IT has automatically pushed an update to Windows computers on campus to bring Adobe products in compliance with Adobe’s new licensing program.

The install takes several minutes to complete the update process.  Over the next few days, please restart your computer at the end of your work day because interrupting the process may cause the install to fail. The update should be ready by time you come in the next day.

After the update is done, when using an Adobe application you will be prompted for Adobe Sign-in.  Please enter your SMC email to sign-in:


If you had an existing account, you’ll get a prompt.  Select “Company or School Account”:


Next type your SMC email and password to verify your account:


You may update Adobe products by opening Adobe Creative Cloud:


Note: District Apple Computers, Windows Laptops, or Microsoft Surface Tablets will be updated on an individual basis.   Please send an email to ITHelp if you have one of those District devices to schedule an update. 

Note 2: This update will not apply to user’s personal devices.