Metro E Train


Metro E Train

Ride Expo Direct to SMC

Metro - Santa Monica CollegeMetro's Expo train serves the following SMC campuses:

  • Main campus - 17th and Colorado (10 min walk or catch BBB #41 or 42 or SMC shuttle)
  • Performing Arts Center - 17th and Colorado (10 min walk or catch the SMC shuttle)
  • Emeritus - 4th Street Station (10 min walk)
  • Center for Media and Design - Bergamont Station (4 min walk)
  • Bundy /vAirport campuses - (catch the BBB #14 from the Bundy Station)
  • Student monthly Metro System pass is $43 and can be purchased online or at certain locations.
  • Transfer from the BBB to the Metro Expo or other bus line for only $.50. Just let the BBB driver know when boarding.
  • Breeze bikes rentals located at 17th and Colorado and at each campus to rent for $7 per month.

Please Travel Safely!

Watch for Trains. Stay off the Tracks. Be Alert.

For more safety tips, visit metro.net/safety.