Campus Lab Guidelines

  1. Always use your SMC network account User Name and Password to log on to your computer station.
  2. To receive lab credit you must be actively working with the Language Lab programs.
  3. Unacceptable activities in the Language Lab:
    • Any work unrelated to the Language Lab programs.
    • Quiet study
    • Written textbook assignments
    • Workbook sections with no audio or video component
    • Napping
    • Using cell phones
    • Conversing with other students
    • E-mailing.
  4. Internet use in the Language Lab is limited to web sites clearly and directly related to the coursework of Language classes as specified by individual professors. This information is provided every semester to the Lab Staff and is kept current and on file.
  5. There is no eating or drinking in the lab.
  6. Turn cell phones off in the Lab. Please step out of the Lab if you need to use a cell phone.
  7. Lab stations are programmed to log off users when they detect no mouse or keyboard activity. Please log off if you must leave the lab for any reason and be sure you are logged in at least 20 minutes before you leave so that your lab time will be credited. Lab Staff will log off unattended stations even if personal belongings are still present. Please never leave your things unattended in the Lab.
  8. Be aware that Lab activity is monitored by the Lab Staff that is circulating in the Lab area, as well as from the main console.
  9. Persons not abiding by the rules of the Lab will be directed back to appropriate activities by the Lab Staff. If this warning goes unheeded, the student will be logged off and forfeit Lab credit time. Such violations of Lab rules or misconduct will be reported. Repeated violations can result in the loss of Lab privileges. Please help keep Lab sessions courteous and professional.
  10. Always log off completely before you leave your station.