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MUSIC 32 - Appreciation of Music

This page provides information for Music 32 courses that are indicated as "flexible" in the schedule of classes.

1. Enroll in a class.

For a fully "online" and asynchronous Appreciation of Music experience, find and enroll in a section of Music 32 that is marked "flexible."

2. Purchase an access code

In a section of the course marked "flexible," although there is no printed textbook for this class, you will need to purchase a course access code (approximately $110), in addition to the usual SMC enrollment fees. Please see the online class schedule or bookstore for more information ab. Be sure to purchase the correct edition (fourth).  You can purchase the access code from the SMC bookstore or directly from the publisher. Only a new, unused access code will work. You will not be able to share the access code with another student. 

3. First day of class: activate your code

Once the term starts, you will access the course through Canvas. On the first day of class, you should navigate to Music 32 in your Canvas account to activate the access code that you purchased in step 2. Following successful activation, you will find the course content embedded or linked-to from your Music 32 course in Canvas.

Hardware & software requirements

Please be sure that you have the minimum-required hardware and software for this course.

Students with disabilities

We are happy to make accommodations for students with disabilities documented by SMC's Disabled Student Programs and Services. For more information, call 310-434-4265 or 310-434-4273 (TDD). In order to guarantee sufficient time to make accommodations in the online system, requests for accommodations should be made a minimum of two weeks before the start of the term.

Course Description and Goals

Music is art as well as science. To be able to comprehend it to the fullest we must, therefore, be able to appreciate both its emotional and intellectual content.

The aim of this course is very simple: to provide you with the tools for a basic understanding of music. It will not make you a musician or teach you how to write music. It will, however, give you the necessary background to understand what is going on technically when you are listening to music so that your experience is not limited to a wash of sound that produces a certain feeling.

The course will concentrate on a) The development of an attentive style of listening, b) The introduction and systematic study of the building blocks of music, and c) Enhancing awareness of the main musical styles of selected western and non-western cultures.

You will be required to view a live orchestra concert during the term and submit a Concert Report as a final term paper.


Music Department Offices

Santa Monica Performing Arts Center, Room 211
on Santa Monica Blvd., between 10th and 11th Streets