Required Materials


In addition to needing access to this On-Line Lab Manual (see the Introduction), you are also required to purchase the following items by the second week of class:

  • Safety Goggles: ANSI Z87.1 chemical splash goggles are required for all laboratory experiments. Safety goggles must fit snugly to your face, and be able to fit over your prescription eyewear. They may be purchased at the SMC Bookstore or from SMC's Chem Club at the chemistry stockroom.  Students without goggles will not be allowed to perform the scheduled experiment.

  • Laboratory Coat: A knee-length (41-42 inch) laboratory coat must be worn at all times while in the laboratory when anyone is conducting experiments. Regular, white lab coats are sufficient for Chem 9, 10, 11, 12, and 31; but blue, flame resistant Arc Rating ATPV 7.7cal/cm2 coats are required for Chem 21 and 24.  Both types of lab coats are available at the SMC Bookstore.

  • Closed Shoes: Wear closed shoes at all times while in the laboratory.

  • Nitrile Gloves: Nitrile gloves must be worn when directed to do so by your instructor and/or by the lab manual. These gloves are available in the SMC Bookstore.

  • Laboratory Locker Card: This must be purchased at the SMC Bookstore ($10). You need to turn this into your instructor when you check into your locker (not later than Week 2), in order to be allowed access to your laboratory equipment.

  • Scientific Calculator: This calculator should preferably be equipped with log, ln, exp, and 1/x functions. Consult your instructor about an appropriate model to purchase. This calculator will be needed for both lecture and lab work, so you should plan on bringing it to all classes.

  • Lab Notebook: Not all instructors require a separate lab notebook, but it highly advised that you purchase one anyway.

Chemistry Tools used in Chemistry Lab