photo of Dr. Erin Cue.

Dr. Erin Cue

Full-Time Faculty - Psychology

Courses Taught

PSYCH 1 - General Psychology
PSYCH 11 - Child Growth and Development

About Dr. Cue

Dr. Erin Cue is an Assistant Professor of Psychology. As an African American woman and first generation college student from Little Rock, AR, she is eager to share with SMC students the knowledge and skills she has gained through her own educational journey. Dr. Cue enjoys the opportunity to teach and mentor the next generation of scholars because it offers the space to inspire, motivate, challenge and empower students to obtain their academic goals and overcome any challenges they may encounter.

Her teaching philosophy and practice stem from her belief that all students have the potential to succeed. She feels it is her responsibility, as an educator, to connect students to the appropriate tools and resources that will empower them to become active agents in their learning. Thus, to her teaching is making content knowledge accessible, relevant and meaningful to all students.

Her research interests include the study of ethnic minority youths’ achievement motivation and attitudes toward school. Specifically, her research has focused on developing interventions that will help improve psychological and achievement outcomes for minority youth. Her recent teaching experiences have also led her to examine the benefits and challenges of community-based learning and action research.

In her free time, Dr. Cue enjoys spending time with her husband, a high school Biology teacher and doctoral student at UCLA, and their lively daughter. She also enjoys traveling and playing softball.

Overall, Dr. Cue is excited and thrilled to be joining her colleagues in the Psychology Department! She looks forward to further pursuing her goals as an educator in a community that supports ALL students in achieving academic and career success.


Ph.D., Human Development and Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
M.A., Psychological Studies in Education, University of California, Los Angeles
B.S., Child Development (Minor: Special Education), Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)


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