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The Santa Monica College History Department is a community of instructors and scholars that seeks to understand the past and strives to introduce students to history and to develop in them a historical sense. Our lively departmental culture includes scholarship awards, a history club, internships, and active faculty participation in local, state, regional and international academic organizations.  

We study history from all parts of the globe - ranging from the United States to Asia to the Middle East.  We are preparing our students for their careers in education, politics, the law, public administration, librarianship, and many other disciplines. Students are challenged with critical reading, good writing and the analyses of historical texts.

Instructors focus on job-specific skills that employers value including: 

Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Degrees and Certificates


18 units + General Education Requirements

Students will have a strong academic foundation in the field and be prepared for upper-division baccalaureate study. Completion of the degree indicates that the student will have satisfied the lower division requirements for transfer into history or similar majors for many campuses in the California State University system.

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