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Quenarii Lampkin



Quenarii LampkinSMC Student

South Los Angeles resident and SMC psychology major Quenarii Lampkin, who had headed straight from high school to Hampton University, an HBCU in Virginia, was unable to stay there because of a lack of financial support from family. When she moved back to Los Angeles, she heard from friends who went to SMC that it was “the Ivy League of community colleges, and number one in transfers.”

At the inaugural drive-thru pop-up pantry, she was surprised.

“I was expecting canned goods — but we also got cereal, milk, things to prep a meal with, like spaghetti noodles and tomato sauce, and Everytable meals I can just microwave!” Lampkin said.

Another unexpected highlight of the experience was “driving through and [seeing that] the person I got my food from was the president of the college. She acknowledged me like she knew who I was. She asked me how I was, and [whether I was] adjusting to classes. I didn’t feel rushed — I felt she was genuinely concerned and happy to see me. It was a great feeling, a bit of light in uncertain times.”