Online Learning

Online Exam Proctoring for Instructors


Instructors Preparing to Use Virtual Proctoring

  • Assign a practice test, early: It is highly recommended that you offer your students a practice test so they may experience Proctorio or your virtual proctoring setup early in the term.  The practice test should be low-stakes and occur during the add-drop period so that students have time to drop the class should they decide not to participate.  
  • Be prepared for students to opt out: A small number of your students are likely to object to the use of Proctorio or online proctoring. Through the Fall 2020 term, any student who objects to the use of Proctorio or other video-based online proctoring setups must be granted an exception. 
  • Consider alternatives: The use of assessments that resist academic dishonesty may help limit the frequency of frustrated students and faculty!

Instructors Using Proctorio

  • Use virtual proctoring for lower-stakes tests: To use virtual proctoring, your students will purchase a course-long virtual proctoring pass. Incorporate proctoring features into lower-stakes tests to avoid associating the stress of using this new tool with a high-stakes test. Remember that proctoring settings can be used alone or in any combination. For example, simply forcing full screen or taking screen recordings may keep students honest on quizzes or homework assignments. 
  • Use the browser lockdown feature in Proctorio:  The browser lockdown option in Proctorio limits dishonesty by blocking a student from opening multiple windows during an exam.  At the same time, the lockdown browser feature may be thought of as the least invasive tool in comparison to techniques that require a student to be on camera or microphone during a high-stakes exam.

Instructors Communicating with Students

  • Include informative language in your syllabus: Use your syllabus to share any technical requirements, opt-out policies, or other procedural details related to your online proctoring setup (including Proctorio).  
  • Refer your students to Proctorio support and documentation: Please point students to the Proctorio support page for their questions regarding privacy and any technical matters.
  • Set clear expectations for your students: If you are going to use a virtual proctoring setup that requires students’ use of a microphone or camera, please set very clear expectations with your students about how their personal space should be organized for your exam.  Do they need additional lighting?  What should or should not be visible on their desks?  Finally, please be very considerate of your students’ studying environments before requiring recorded exams or quizzes.