Contract Suppliers


The Procurement, Contracts, and Logistics Department utilizes a consortium of schools and municipalities to leverage spend and negotiate agreements with Suppliers while keeping SMC's financial interest in mind and fulfilling the needs of our students, faculty, and staff. By taking advantage of competitively bid contracts available through state and other college community buying cooperatives, the College saves time, money and resources. These contracts provide the best overall cost to the College and support strategic partnerships with Suppliers.

Departments are strongly encouraged to support strategic suppliers as part of a district strategy to leverage our full buying power. New suppliers are continuously added and you are encouraged to periodically visit our site.

The following is a list of Board Approved suppliers with whom Procurement, Contracts, and Logistics have either negotiated pricing agreements with or can utilize the pre-negotiated agreements. For additional information about the suppliers, their products and services, and contact information, please contact the Procurement, Contracts, and Logistics Department at 310-434-4304 or email us at

You may also contact the assigned Buyer in the Procurement, Contracts, and Logistics Department with questions about a specific commodity (See the Buyer Assignments page).