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Ordering Instructions

Once you find a contract you would like to use, please complete your Purchasing Requisition to include the following information:

  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure
  • Catalog/Part Number
  • Full Description (Color, Size)
  • Unit Price
  • Ext Price

Procurement will verify the contract price. It is important to first select items where contract pricing is available as the vendor listed also sell goods and services that are not under contract.

Contract Number Contractor Name Product and Services Expiration Date Renewal Options Contact
State of California (CMAS) Contract 4-06-78-0031A

Field Turf USA


Synthetic Turf 11/30/2021    

State of California (CMAS) Contract 4-17-23-0045A

AVIATE Enterprises Inc.
AVIATE Enterprises Logo
Tennant Co. Equipment and Services 1/31/2021  

Sherri Himelstein