Flooding & Water Damage


Serious water damage can occur from a number of sources: broken pipes, clogged drains, broken skylights or windows, construction oversights, or inclement weather.

If a Water Leak Occurs

  • Contact College Police at 310.434.4300 and advise them of the problem.

  • Advise the dispatcher, or the coordinator, of the location and severity of the leak. Indicate whether any valuables, art collections, or books are involved, or are in imminent danger. (Public Safety or the graduate campus coordinator will notify the appropriate authorities and dispatch officers to assist.)

  • If there are electrical appliances or electrical outlets near the leak, use extreme caution. If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.

  • If you know the source of the water and are confident of your ability to stop it (i.e., unclog the drain, turn off water, etc.), do so cautiously.

  • Be prepared to assist, as directed, in protecting College and personal property that is in jeopardy. Take only those steps that are needed to avoid or reduce immediate water damage: cover large objects with plastic sheeting; carefully move small or light objects out of the emergency area.