Equity, Pathways, and Inclusion


Information for EPI-sponsored employee attendance at the annual NCORE conference.

Ironwork on porches with hanging ferns in old New Orleans

Join us at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana!

The SMC Division of Equity, Pathways, & Inclusion sponsored a group of SMC employees to attend NCORE 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana - May 31 through June 3, 2023!

The SMC Division of Equity, Pathways, & Inclusion made funding available for classified, administrators, and faculty to attend NCORE 2023 in-person in New Orleans! Interested employees filled out a Google Form to indicating that they would like to be added to the request list. Priority was given to first-time attendees. All employees were required to discuss their attendance with their supervisor or chair before filling out the form.

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All you need to know about NCORE and EPI's sponsored attendance requirements.

Please visit the NCORE 2023 OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more information.