Fall Institutional Flex Day

Everything you need to know about SMC's Fall "Opening Day" Professional Development event.

SMC Institutional Flex Day Series!

For the first time in SMC’s history, Institutional Flex Day was a virtual two-week event. The SMC Professional Development Committee (PDC) organized an Institutional Flex Day Series from August 13th to August 27th, 2020. Faculty can now select to participate in a way that is convenient for their daily life: some days you might have been free to join a live Zoom session, another day you might want to binge some recorded sessions, or maybe you wanted to keep up the tradition of doing your full 6 hours flex training on the calendared Institutional Flex Day, August 27th. Completion of institutional flex day credit prior to August 27th is optional. It's your call.



The theme of the Fall 2020 Institutional Flex Day Series is “We Can Do It!”.

Fall 2020 Opening Day is unlike any other due to the devastating impact of COVID-19, the economic crisis, and the recent tragedies of Black lives. The changes brought forth by the global pandemic have disrupted our routines, sense of normalcy, and emotional wellbeing. The nationwide protests against police brutality and the high profile murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor along with the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on African American and Latinx populations, reminds us of the countless ways systemic racism affects the opportunities and educational outcomes of our students. The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and movements for racial justice asks us to reflect on our institutional responsibilities and roles to effectively serve historically marginalized students. If not now, then when?

SMC students encounter a myriad of difficulties, as some mourn the loss of loved ones, continue to serve their community by performing jobs as essential workers, attempt to focus on their academic studies from home while homeschooling their own children, while others worry about economic security, wellness, physical safety, housing and food insecurities, and access to quality healthcare. To create an engaging remote learning environment where students know they are supported and motivated to complete their educational goals, we will need to strengthen partnerships between instructional faculty and student services and grow our skill sets in and out of the classroom. While this unprecedented crisis may seem overwhelming, we will forge ahead with courage, innovation, and humility.
Together, “We Can Do It!” 

The PDC aims to develop this series to include meaningful content that supports our collective work. You will find 30, 60 & 90 minute sessions relating to distance education, steps to further equitize the online classroom, and practicing self-care to better support our students and one another.

All workshops are virtual. Please review the schedule to find recordings from each session that was held during the two weeks of the series. You must register to view most of the recordings. Full captioned recordings will be posted as soon as available.

Captioning and Interpreter available upon request: please email

We encourage you to view our August 13th keynote speaker Dr. Edward Bush, Vice President of A2Mend, as we discussed our shared aspirations for moving racial equity work forward at the community colleges. This series culminated on August 27th in a session facilitated by Campus Leaders, Superintendent/President Dr. Kathryn Jeffery & Academic Senate President Nate Donahue.


Workshops were scheduled Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., August 13th through August 27th. All recordings are now available.


Flex Day 2020 Flyer Featuring Sara Nieves-Lucas in the style of Rosie the Riveter