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About Program Review

Program Review is a mandated process that is integral to institutional planning. The Academic Senate Joint Program Review Committee is responsible for the process, which falls under the purview of the 10+1 areas of faculty responsibility. All institutional programs and departments are required to engage in meaningful program review, and according to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), the program review processes at all institutions are expected to be at the Sustainable Continuous Quality Improvement Level for both instructional and non-instructional programs and services.

Six-Year and Annual Program Review

Program Review provides a structure for programs to document systematic engagement in self-evaluation, leading to program improvements. All programs are required to submit a substantial self-study every six years, as well as annual reports every year (except the year of the six-year report). These reports document programs' ongoing self-evaluation and improvements.

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Six-Year Program Review

Annual Program Review

Use the appropriate templates below for the Annual Program Review report. Reports are submitted to area Vice President and Program Review committee chairs. Starting 2019-2020, Annual Program Review no longer uses CurricUNET. 

Meetings and Six-Year Schedule

Time: Selected Tuesdays, 3 to 5 p.m.

Location: Zoom (online). Please email Hannah Lawler for the link to join. 


Chair, Stephanie Amerian

Vice-Chair, Hannah Lawler


  • Steve Hunt
  • Teresa Garcia
  • Marisol Moreno
  • Eric Oifer
  • Alaisen Reed


  • Tammara Whitaker
  • Ferris Kawar

Interested Parties

  • Anne Marre Bautista, Institutional Research
  • Nate Donahue, Academic Senate President
  • Dana Nasser, Chair, Curriculum Committee

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