Curriculum Committee



Prerequisites, corequisites, and advisories must be validated per Title V regulations.

Any proposal to add or change the prerequisite, pre/corequisite, corequisite or skills advisory of a course, must submit the appropriate form below either by placing it as an attachment within the META proposal for the course.

The college makes every effort to comply with the district's policy on Prerequisites, Corequisites, and Advisories. The Board Policy is shown in full below:

Article 5100: Curriculum

BP 5120 Prerequisites/ Corequisites

The Curriculum Committee, established by mutual agreement of the administration and the Academic Senate shall:

  1. Oversee the establishment of prerequisites, corequisites, advisories on recommended preparation and limitation on enrollment;

  2. Oversee verification and documentation that newly proposed prerequisites or corequisites meet the scrutiny specified in one of the measures of readiness;

  3. Review the appropriateness of conditions under which limitations on enrollment are established by a department;

  4. Review, in conjunction with the instructional department, any prerequisite or corequisite which is successfully challenged promptly thereafter to assure that it is in compliance with all other provisions of the law.

The College shall establish procedures wherein every attempt shall be made to enforce all conditions a student must meet to be enrolled through the registration process so that a student is not permitted to enroll unless he or she has met all the conditions or has met all except those for which he or she has a pending challenge or for which further information is needed before final determination is possible of whether the student has met the condition.

Reference: Title 5, Sections 55002, 55201, 55202 and 58106
Section I.C., I.E.,II.A.1.a-g, 3, 1-4 and II.C of the Model District Policy
Reviewed and Adopted 12/04/2000

Board Policy and Administrative Regulation