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Grant Writing 101 Workshop

September 21, 2023

This workshop provides an overview of the grant writing process. It outlines the key steps and terminologies, introduces the Federal Register, the role of the Grants Advisory Committee, and clarifies the difference between supplementing and supplanting funding. This workshop also emphasizes the importance of aligning grant proposals with the funding source's missions and goals and reviewing previously funded proposals. There is also a brief overview on how to use the portal to search for and apply for grants. The SMC internal approval process is also reviewed, which emphasizes the need for a comprehensive proposal that includes a budget, key personnel, and a narrative about the proposed project. 

Presenter: Tracy Beidleman

Grants 101 Workshop Video

Grants 101 Workshop Slide Deck

Grant Writing 101: Essentials of Competitive Proposals

March 10, 2021

This training will advance participants’ ability to craft a competitive narrative through examination of standard proposal components. Participants will learn the “nuts and bolts: of the grant development process in the context of a larger strategic approach to grant seeking, including planning and preparation, project design, writing, budgeting, and responding to the key elements of a grant proposal. The training also includes a brief overview of SMC's internal approval processes for grant seeking.

Presenters: Leigh Fanning (Hanover Grants Consultant), Audrey Ngeow (Hanover Content Director), Gary Huff (SMC Grants Advisory Team and Education/ECE Faculty)

    Essentials of Competitive Proposals Archived Workshop Video

Essentials of Competitive Proposals Workshop Slide Deck

Grant Management: Getting Started

May 20, 2024 


This workshop assists SMC Project Managers in the implementation and management of a new grant award. It begins with an award implementation timeline and discusses the roles and responsibilities of Grant Managers and the departments that assist them throughout the grant's period of performance. The Board of Trustees Approval process, which must be completed before any project activities can begin, is explained as are important steps in personnel hiring processes, budget maintenance, and data collection and assessment. Other aspects of early grant implementation, like the procurement system set up and reporting, are also detailed. Finally, this training ends with some helpful do’s and don’ts for successful grant management.   

Grant Management 101: Getting Started with Award Management

SMC Grant Management Getting Started Training

Presenter: Tracy Beidleman