SMC Grant Seeking Process



Step 1: Plan for Your Proposal

Discuss your idea with your instructional dean or program lead. This is an important first step, as all grants and grant partnerships require the support of the department head that will oversee the grant.  Individuals cannot submit institutional grants; they must be submitted by the department that is responsible for their success.

As you discuss your grant idea with your dean or lead, please remember that thoughtful pre-planning is necessary for successful implementation.  Grant planning is very similar to new program planning and many factors must be considered as you move forward with your idea.  You may consider using the Grant Approval Process form to guide your planning and conversations.

Step 2: Identify Potential Funders

Identify one or more potential sources of funding.  If you have not already done so, there is a list of Prospect Research tools on the Grants Office site that may be useful.

Step 3: Complete the GAP Form

Complete and submit the Grant Approval Process (GAP) form to the Grants Advisory Team (GAT) for review and pre-approval as early as possible, but at least 90 days prior to the grant submission deadline. This form should also be submitted for new grant partnerships, even if SMC is not the lead institution. The GAP form should be completed with as much detail as you are able to provide about your proposed project. Your Department Chair or immediate supervisor and Area Vice President must sign off on the GAP form prior to submission to the GAT. If you have questions about or need any support with the form, contact the GAT for assistance.

Once the GAP form is fully completed, email it to Gary Huff. During the GAT's review process, additional information may be requested. Within 30 days, the GAT will notify you if the proposal has received the initial approval needed to proceed.

Step 4: Write the Grant

Grant seekers are responsible for all aspects of proposal writing. The Grant Approval Team does not write grants but is available to serve as a resource when editing your completed proposal.

Step 5: Obtain Final Administrative Approval

Once the grant is written and the budget is complete, SMC's executive administration must approve the grant.  At the least, this means that the VP of your division will review your application and give you the final authorization to proceed.  Note, if your grant includes significant impacts on Facilities, Information Services, and/or any other department on campus, the program leads of the impacted departments must also approve the grant for submission.

Step 6: Submit the Grant

All grants submitted on behalf of Santa Monica College must be signed and submitted by an authorized organizational representative or designee.  Authorized Organizational Representatives currently include Dr. Kathryn Jeffery, Superintendent/President, and Christopher Bonvenuto, Vice President of Business and Administration.