New Employee Onboarding Toolkit

Probationary Period


The Probation Period is a period charactorized by ongoing communication and feedback between the new employee and their manager.  This communication includes identifying areas the new employee would benefit from job related training.  The manager is expected to provide clearly communicated expectations to the new employee specific to job responsibilities, performance standards and workplace practices.  

Probationary Evaluation 

The performance evaluation is provided as an aid for  employees to achieve and maintain high levels of work performance. The evaluation focus is based on a commitment to quality service and continuous improvement. The evaluation process has been designed to be used as a coaching device for supervisors and a means for establishing mutually agreed upon performance goals and objectives for individual employees. The evaluation process and form is intended to provide a method of measuring an employee's performance based on the standards and requirements of the position as stated in job description, and the performance goals and objectives. The evaluation process can be a valuable asset to managers in motivating employee development and effective job performance, particularly when used to initiate employee assessment and the planning of goals and objectives.