Leave of Absence


Santa Monica Community College District offers a variety of paid and unpaid leave of absence options for permanent employees.

Permanent employees who are absent for more than 5 consecutive days from work will need to be placed on a leave of absence from the District. The types of leave options vary between the various employee groups at the District. Employees should contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss their leave options and obtain the appropriate leave of absence paperwork.

Types of Leaves Granted to Eligible Employees

    • Employee's personal medical condition

    • Care for a newborn or newly adopted child

    • Military leave

    • Bereavement leave

    • Industrial accident and illness leave

    • Pregnancy disability leave

    • Care for a seriously ill family member

    • Unpaid personal leave

    • Jury duty leave

    • Catastrophic illness/injury leave

To learn more about your leave options:

Collective Bargaining Agreements or District Policies

Employee Groups Leave of Absence Information
Full-time Faculty District-SMCFA CBA Article 17
Part-time Faculty District-SMCFA CBA Article 17
Classified Employees District-CSEA CBA Article 7
Classified Managers Merit Rules Chapter 11
Confidential Employees Merit Rules Chapter 11
Academic Administrators Administrative Regulation 3425
Project Managers Administrative Regulation 3425
Police Officers District-POA CBA Article 7

Employee Notices

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources:

Lugina Rogers
HR Analyst, Leaves & Benefits
310-434-4060 /