Academic Computing (computer labs)

Wireless Internet Access at SMC


Students can access the internet using the SMC wireless network with their laptop or other wifi-enabled devices. Wireless network coverage is available in most parts of the main campus and off-campus locations.

What you need to get connected

  • You need a laptop computer or other wifi-enabled device.
  • You need your SMC network username and password
  • You need to be currently taking classes at SMC
  • You need to login to the network (see Authentication)

Security Concerns

  • Please do not leave your laptop, tablet or phone unattended! The College is not responsible for stolen equipment.
  • Please avoid extending network and electrical cables across aisles where they might be safety hazards.

Follow the Computer Use Policies

The use of the campus network requires adherence to the SMC Student Computer Use Policy. Misuse of computing and network resources or non-compliance with written usage policies may result in loss of your network access via this service.

Need Help?

If you have questions please read our FAQ, use our Tech Support Chat or fill out our Problem report form and a Library staff member will contact you.

How do I get connected?

Connect to SMC_WIFI. Detailed instructions are listed below for some operating systems.

Wireless Configuration for Apple iOS devices

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings, then tap Wi-Fi.
  • Tap Wi-Fi and enable Wi-Fi if it is not already on.
  • Tap SMC_WIFI
  • You will be prompted to log in with your SMC network username and password.

Wireless Configuration for Android, Chrome OS, and Linux

  • Choose the SMC_WIFI SSID
  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPv2
  • CA certificate: Use system certificates
  • Domain:
  • User certificate: None installed
  • Identity: enter your SMC network username here
  • Password: enter your password here
  • Anonymous identity: leave blank
  • Check "Save identity and password"


You must log in before you can access the network. Use your SMC Student Network account username and password to log in. If you do not know what your SMC Student Network username is, you can log in to Corsair Connect and find that information at the bottom of the main Corsair Connect page.

Frequently Asked Questions