Since you have been away from SMC for at least two years, your previous access to the SMC computer network has been deactivated.

You can regain restricted access after filing an application for readmission and being readmitted. The system will find your existing records. Start by picking the status appropriate for you on the webpage at

After you file an application for readmission, the SMC Office of Admissions will send you an email with current instructions. Once you follow those instructions, you will have access to Corsair Connect. This includes your unofficial transcript.

You will also have access to a limited access SMC Google Gmail student email account:

Your SMC student email address is not a permanent service and will be disabled after a period of non-enrollment. Therefore, it should not be associated with personal or non-SMC services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, banking, credit cards, etcetera. This includes not using the SMC Student email address for purchased apps or services.

Almost all instructors and most SMC offices (except Admissions and studentITHELP) require you to use your SMC email address when communicating with them, because spam filters stop many incoming emails from non-SMC addresses.