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New password management system starts February 1, 2021

Students asked. SMC listened!

Starting February 1, 2021, SMC will make a new password management system available so you can:

  • change your password any time you want, without asking an SMC staff member to manually erase your current password.
  • log in to Corsair Connect the same way you already log in to SMC Canvas and SMC Google Gmail student email.
  • register a mobile phone number with the password management system.
  • "register" a personal email address as the backup email address for managing password changes. This does not have to be the same personal email address on file with the SMC Office of Admissions and Records in the Profile/Preferences page of the Corsair Connect system.
  • pick your favorite security challenge questions out of a bigger group of possible questions to answer. You'll be able to review or change your challenge questions answers whenever you want.

Starting February 1, 2021, continuing students:

  • will log in to Corsair Connect with their Username instead of their Student ID number. The Username is everything to the left of the "@" symbol in an SMC student email address. For example, a student with an email address of "" will have a Username of "smith_john07”.
  • will still be able to use their current password
  • will have to select new "security questions" to be used to verify their identity in the future
  • will have to enter a backup personal nonSMC email address
  • may optionally "register" a mobile phone

Newly admitted or readmitted students will get "one-time-passcodes" (O.T.P.) for their first log-in to set their own password. There's no pattern to the one-time-passcodes, so they'll be safer than using birthdates for first logins.

Don't share your password with anyone, including your parents. Don't use the same password for SMC that you use anywhere else. There have been way too many data leaks from private company mobile phone apps popular with students. If you use the same password for SMC that you use on one of those "leaky" apps, you are vulnerable to hacking. If SMC's cybersecurity services detect that you're vulnerable, your SMC computer accounts will be suspended. So, be safe!

The new Corsair Connect sign-in screen will look like: