Passwords for New Students

How New Students Set an SMC Password Starting 2/1/21

THIS IS A DRAFT. The instructions may change before 2/1/2021. The system won't work until then.


What  you need to set your SMC password

After you were admitted, you received some emails from Santa Monica College Two of them are needed now:

  • the email with your SMC Student ID (all numbers).
  • the email with your SMC network Username and a One-Time-Passcode (a temporary password). Your assigned "Username" is everything to the left of the "@" symbol in your SMC email address. For instance, if your email address is "", then your username is "smith_john07”.

With an SMC Username and password, you can log in to "Corsair Connect", the online student self-service system. Then, you can add a class and do other things online.

Rules to prevent hacking

  • Please pick a password that you don't use anywhere else. This makes your SMC password safer just in case a private business accidentally leaks the password used at that other place.
  • Don't share your SMC password with anybody else, including your parents, because your SMC network account might be suspended if sharing is discovered -- and your class enrollment might be suspended too!

Set your new password

Click a "+" sign to see details such as sample screens. Click "Expand" to see everything. Click "Collapse" to show less.

Log on to Corsair Connect

Your Username and password will let you sign in to several SMC computer systems using the SMC SIGN-ON box.

Log in to Corsair Connect from the SMC website homepage or from: