Bicycle Safety


Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Do not ride bicycles on campus. SMC Campus is a complete dismount zone.  Walk your bike on campus or use one of the bike stations on campus to park and lock your bike while you are on campus. 

  • Ride with the flow of traffic.

  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping.

  • When turning or moving across traffic lanes, make eye contact with drivers of approaching cars.

  • Be seen! Use lights at night and wear bright clothing.

  • Do not dart out of driveways and alleys. Watch for hazards on the roadway.

  • Watch for opening car doors! Check the driver's side mirror to see if anyone is in the driver's seat.

  • On campus, use roadways to access bike racks.

Laws, Rules, and Regulations

  • Obey all traffic laws: Every person riding a bicycle is required to obey the same traffic regulations as the driver of an automobile. This includes obeying all stop signs, traffic lights and other signs specific to this campus. (California Vehicle Code 21200)

  • Unsafe operation: Bicycling, roller skating, skateboarding, and in-line skating in a reckless or unsafe manner is prohibited. (CVC 21200b2)

  • Riding in the middle of the lane: Bicyclist should ride to the far right side as possible with the following exceptions. a) Passing another cyclist or vehicle b) Preparing for a left turn or to avoid a right turn lane c) Hazard in the roadway d) Lane is not wide enough to share the lane. Take the whole lane. (CVC 21202)

  • Lights and other equipment: Bicycles shall comply with all of the laws regarding lights and equipment as stated in CVC 21201.

  • Motorized bicycles: The driver of a motorized bicycle is a motorist when the motor of the bicycle is engaged. When the motor of the motorized bicycle is disengaged, the rider is considered a bicyclist and may ride in bicycle lanes or any area on the campus where bicycle riding is permitted. (CVC 21207.5)

  • Helmets: are recommended for everyone, but are mandated by law for people under the age of 18 (whether you are bicycling, roller skating, skateboarding, or in-line skating - CVC 21212).

  • Carrying items: Use a luggage carrier, basket or daypack for carrying large packages. You must keep one hand free to operate the bicycle (CVC 21205).

  • Headsets: Do not wear any headset covering or earplugs in both ears, while riding your bicycle (CVC 27400).

  • Right of way: Bicyclists must yield the right of way to pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalks (CVC 21950)

Where to Park Bicycles

  • Park bicycles only in areas specifically designated by the presence of racks or other devices used for bicycle parking.

  • Do not park, block or impede a wheelchair access ramp or any normal entrance or exit to or from any building on campus.

  • We suggest that you do not leave your bicycle on campus for an extended period of time.

  • Do not park or attach a bicycle on any sidewalk, pathway, bridge, handrail, door, tree or any other area which is not designated for bicycle parking.

Any College Police employee may remove a bicycle parked unlawfully. The College shall not be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of locks.

Lock your Bike

Lock your front and back wheel to a bike rack. Lock your front and back wheel to a parking meter. Lock both your front and back wheel to the bike rack or stable structure.

Most bicycles that are stolen are not locked. The first step to guard against theft of your bicycle is to lock it with a strong lock, even if you are just going inside to pick something up.

  • When picking a lock, buy one that would be difficult to break with simple tools (ex. a U-Lock or a case- hardened steal Chain).

  • Most cable and chain locks are easily defeated with a small pair of cable or bolt cutters

  • Use a U-lock to lock up the frame of your bicycle to a solid object (bike rack or metal post/sign).

  • At home, keep your bike in a locked garage or room. Never leave it on a balcony or in a yard unsecured.

  • Do not lock up just the front wheel.

  • You can use the combination of a U-lock and cable to secure your bicycle. The U-lock is used on the frame, while the cable is used to secure the wheels (see below picture).

Bicycle Registration

The Santa Monica College Police Department has developed a partnership with our neighboring police departments. We are now referring anyone wishing to register their bicycle(s) online (for FREE) at the following website:


This allows all of the local police departments to be able to look up the registered owner of the bicycle without having to go through another department. It is a more efficient way to serve our community.

For further information on this program and other crime prevention material, write or call:

SMC Police Department
1718 Pearl Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405