Parking Information & Citations

Parking Permits

Students who drive to SMC can buy a permit to park on the main campus or request a FREE permit to park at the Bundy or Airport Arts campuses. 

Campuses with Paid Permits

Student permits for parking on the main campus, CMD, or PAC.

Cost: $93.50 fall/spring, $49.50 summer/winter

Parking permits can be purchased online or in-person at the Cashier's Office.

  • SMC Main Campus
  • Center for Media and Design
  • Performing Arts Center 

Campuses with Free Permits

Permits may be requested online:

  • Airport Arts Campus
  • Bundy Campus

Visitors to SMC's main campus who have not made prior arrangements with campus police may buy a visitors parking pass at the parking kiosk off of 19th St. and Pico Blvd. for $10 a day, with no in-and-out privileges.

General Parking Information

Planning where you park to come to SMC is VERY important because parking spaces are limited, and street parking in the surrounding neighborhoods is restricted on most days and evenings. SMC campus parking decals are NOT VALID AT ANY TIME on neighborhood streets.

Visitor Parking: Visitors who have not made prior arrangements with Campus Police may park in the Visitor Parking area in the Student Services Center.

Handicap Parking: The display of a DMV handicap placard (or plate) AND an SMC parking decal entitles you to park in any handicap, student, or staff parking space.

An important caution: Because car alarms are disruptive to other students and our neighbors, cars with activated alarms in the SMC parking areas will be TOWED at YOUR expense per 22651.5 (a) CVC

Contact Information

Parking Information: 310-434-4608
Center for Students with Disabilities: 310-434-4265
Cashier's Office: 310-434-4664
Airport Arts Campus Information: 310-434-4229
College Police: 310-434-4608 or 434-4300

All Satellite campuses are accessible by Big Blue Bus or LYFT Shared. Visit the Intercampus Shuttle Page for details.

Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Other Vehicles

Parking permits for Motorcycles and mopeds can be purchased online or in-person at the Cashier's Office.  Motorcycles and mopeds may be parked only in designated areas of Structure 1, 3 and Lot 5.

The SMC Bike Park is located on Pearl Street, near the Media Center and Math Complex. This bike park includes 400 bike spaces, 60 skateboard parking slots, a DIY repair station, and a hydration station.

Additional bike racks are conveniently located at several points on campus: by the ESL building at the southwest corner of campus, at both ends of the Science Complex, and near the Business building, Parking Structure 3, Student Services Center and Art Complex. Bicycles may be parked ONLY in designated areas.

The use of skateboards, hoverboards, electric scooters, roller skates, or roller blades is prohibited on campus.

Safety Escort Service

Your safety is a key element of quality education. To protect members of the SMC community, the College provides students, staff, and faculty attending evening sessions with walking escorts within the area bounded by Delaware Street, 21st Street, Ocean Park Boulevard, and 14th Street.

The FREE escort service is provided Monday through Thursday, from dusk until 11 p.m.

To reach the escort service, dial 4300 from any telephone on campus. An escort will meet you anywhere within the service area and take you to your destination.

Contact Information

  • Escort Service (from a campus phone): ext. 4300
  • College Police – General Information: 310-434-4608