Correctable Ticket Instructions


​Mandate Notice​

40303.5 CVC, Notice To Correct Violation for Specified Infractions, mandates an officer execute a notice containing a promise to correct the violation in accordance with the provisions of Section 40610 CVC unless disqualifying conditions specified in subdivision (b) of Section 40610 CVC exist. 

40610 CVC violations involve registration, license, all-terrain vehicle safety certificate, or mechanical requirement of the ​California Vehicle Code.   

Any parking citation meeting the above criteria will note "For certification of correction fines, you must appeal within 21 days for a $25 reduction." 

How to Correct Violations

If you elect to correct the violation to receive the $25 reduction, follow the appeal directions at Pay Notices.  

Submit proof of correction either in person at Santa Monica College Police Department (1718 Pearl Street, Santa Monica CA 90405) or by submitting photographs or proof of correction utilizing iParq's online appeal communication process.  ​