Parking Rules & Regulations


Purpose of Parking Regulations

To ensure the safety of both vehicles and pedestrians in parking lots as well as to maximize the utility of the lots.

Parking Procedures

Included in the Parking Guidelines is a description of enforcement practices, parking restrictions, permit displays and permit violations.

Concept of Enforcement – Fair and Equitable

It is important to understand that parking enforcement within the Santa Monica Community College District is a necessary part of the overall parking management system. Enforcement of parking rules at Santa Monica College is the responsibility of the SMC Police. Parking enforcement ensures that students and employees will have a reasonable opportunity for parking and that individuals without appropriate authority or who have parked in an inappropriate area will be cited.

SMC Police personnel have the authority to issue parking citations under the auspices of the California Vehicle Code. Individuals who receive parking citations and neglect to pay appropriate fines may not be able to register their vehicles. It is important that individuals who receive parking citations take appropriate action to either pay the fine, file an appeal through the SMC Police Office or pay online. Click on the "Pay Notices" tab and follow the instructions.

Santa Monica College Parking Authority

  • Both SMC parking regulations and the California Vehicle Code are applicable on all SMC campuses.  SMC is authorized through the California Vehicle Code Section 21113 (a) to establish independent parking regulations.

  • All parking regulations are enforced through citations issued by the Santa Monica College Police Department. The Santa Monica College Police Department derives its peace officer powers pursuant to California Penal Code 830.32 as prescribed in Education Code section 72330. 

  • The Santa Monica College Board of Trustees are not and shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss or damage to vehicles or contents thereof parked or garaged in a lot or structure by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever not arising directly from the negligent acts of the Board of Trustees of Santa Monica College, or its employees acting within the scope of their employment.  SMC reserves the right to restrict the use of any parking space, area, structure or surface lot at any time, and to temporarily or permanently relocate permit holders as necessary.

  • The use of the District's parking facilities is a privilege, not a right. Drivers are responsible for the proper operation of their motor vehicle. Reckless and or dangerous vehicle operation in a parking facility may suspend your parking privileges at SMC.

Right to Tow or Boot (Immobilize) the Vehicle

Pursuant to CVC 22651, SMC reserves the right to tow or boot vehicles for violations enumerated in CVC 22651.

If the vehicle is booted and the individual responsible and or registered owner of the vehicle does not claim the vehicle within 72 hours, the vehicle shall be impounded to an offsite location and they are responsible for all charges associated with the impoundment, storage and any citations, new or old. SMC and its employees are not responsible for loss or damage(s) of any kind resulting from enforcement, towing and storage.


Relocated vehicles are moved to another area on campus and may be retrieved by the registered owner by either contacting the police department during business hours or calling 310-434-4300 after hours to speak with a police officer.

Parking Stalls

Vehicles must park in designated, marked parking spaces only. Vehicle operators may not create or park in any other area without the prior consultation and approval from the Police Department. The lack of signage, paint or any other communication device is not a valid reason to park outside of a marked parking stall.

  • Compact spaces – Vehicles may not occupy a compact space if it obstructs another vehicle from parking or exiting or if it affects the effective and safe flow of traffic

  • Vehicles in violation are subject to citation and or tow/boot at the owner's expense

  • Oversized Vehicles – Vehicles requiring more than one marked parking space must make accommodations in advance with the Police Department and purchase parking for each space occupied.

  • Head in Parking is strictly enforced at Structures 3, 4 and the Performing Arts Campus.

  • All vehicles without front license plates must park head-in.

  • If your vehicle does not have a license plate on both the front and back, use the vehicle identification number (VIN) located on the driver's side top dashboard.

Permit Sharing

Multiple vehicles may be registered to and share the same virtual permit; however, only one vehicle per permit may be on Campus at a single time. Vehicles will need to purchase parking separately when parked on Campus concurrently and sharing a permit.

Disabled Parking

Spaces for handicapped drivers are available in all campus lots. Vehicles using these spaces must display a valid DMV placard or temporary permit. The minimum fine for illegally parking in a handicapped space is $399.00.

Parking Availability

The college provides parking stalls for students and employees. In addition, spaces designated as disabled loading and visitor are provided throughout the campus; they are appropriately marked.

Employee Parking

All employee parking stalls and zones are enforced 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants

All roads and driveways within the Santa Monica Community College District which are fire lanes must be kept unobstructed and available to emergency response vehicles at all times. Access to fire hydrants must also be maintained at all times. Any vehicle presenting a hazard by obstructing a fire lane or a fire hydrant may be towed immediately at the owner's expense.

Red Curbs

A vehicle may not park or stop at a red curb. Most red curbs indicate a fire lane or emergency vehicle access route.

Loading Zones

Loading zones are identified with a yellow curb or yellow crosshatch and the words "Loading Zone" painted on the pavement or sign displayed indicating the loading zone status. Parking is permitted for 10 minutes to facilitate the immediate loading and unloading of material. Loading zones for passengers are identified with a green curb. If it is necessary for the vehicle to remain longer than 10 minutes, the vehicle should be moved to a student parking space. The driver MUST obtain a temporary one-day parking permit from the SMC online parking system, Police Headquarters, or Parking Kiosk before parking in the student parking space.

Timed Spaces

Certain spaces around Campus are restricted by time. These stalls are intended for the conducting of brief business or EV Charging timed spaces, please review the guidelines below:

  • Vehicles must be moved from the space within the indicated time period (4 hours)

  • Vehicles must vacate the space before the time period expires

  • Vehicles may not park in the same timed space

  • Timed spaces are indicated by signs.

  • Timed spaces are enforceable 24/7.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is prohibited unless previously authorized by The Santa Monica College Police Department. Camping or residing in a motor vehicle on college property is prohibited.

Parking for Motorcycles, Mopeds, Motorized Bicycles and Scooters

All motorcycles, mopeds, motorized bicycles and scooters must park in areas designated for motorcycles.

Speed Limits

Campus speed limit is 5 miles per hour in all parking areas.

Motor Vehicle Access

Operating a motor vehicle on campus sidewalks, malls, lawns, or any surface not specifically designated as a campus road, street, or driveway is prohibited. Only authorized vehicles have service access to these areas.

Removing Posted Signs, or Other Markings or Warning Devices

The removal of any traffic directional or parking sign, fence, barricade, warning device, or other marker used to direct or control vehicle movement is prohibited. In the event of such activity, disciplinary action may be taken, including the filing of criminal charges and/or notification of the appropriate dean or vice president.

Parking Permit Refund Policy

Parking fees can only be refunded in full for the first three weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and for the first two weeks of the Winter and Summer sessions. The permit and receipt must be presented at the Cashiers Office.

SMC Parking Locations

The following is a list of designated parking locations at SMC. All locations will be subject to all stated Santa Monica College parking policies and requirements.

  • Lot 1:  Behind the Science Building

  • Lot 2:  Behind Drescher Hall

  • Structure 3:  17th/Pico

  • Structure 4:  17th/Pico

  • Lot 5:  Pearl Street

  • Lot 6:  14th/Pico

  • Administration Building – 2714 Pico

  • Student Services Center

  • Bundy

  • Center for Media & Design

  • Performing Arts Campus

  • Emeritus Campus

  • SMC Foundation

  • Airport Arts Campus

Hours of Operation

Parking permits are required at all SMC parking locations at all times.  Enforcement will be 24/7.  At certain times (see below) paid parking permits will be required.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

It is the policy of SMC that the number of spaces designated for staff/faculty will be in compliance with any and all collective bargaining agreements. (currently 615)

Who is eligible to get a parking permit at SMC?

  • Students enrolled in at least one unit, credit or non-credit.

  • Staff and Faculty, full-time, part-time, temporary

  • Attendees to special events, performances

  • Users of the swimming pool on campus property

  • Others on official SMC business.

Parking Permits

  • Paid Permits

    • Fees are established within allowable limits set by California Ed Code, and SMC collective bargaining agreements.

    • All paid permits are valid for parking daily 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

    • Types of permits:

      • Students

      • Full-Time Faculty and Staff
        • Annual - $140
        • Fall and Semesters - $50 each
        • Intersessions - $20 each

      • Part-Time Faculty
        • Annual - $100
        • Fall and Semesters - $40 each
        • Intersessions - $10 each

      • Temporary Staff
        • All times:  $20/month

      • Other
        • Daily: $10

Automated License Plate Recognition System (ALPR)


The District uses the ALPR supplied by Genentec, under the iParq agreement.

Payment and Appeals

  • Citations can be paid or appealed online. Click on the "Pay Notice" tab for further instructions on the appeal process.

  • Citations will be considered delinquent if not paid or appealed within 21 days of issuance.

  • Citation appeals will be reviewed by the Director of Auxiliary Services or designee.

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