UTIP Hotline


If you would like to report a crime or situation, but do not wish to reveal your identity, the UTIP message hotline allows you to leave specific information about a situation while ensuring your confidentiality.

310-434-UTIP (8847)

For emergencies and crimes in progress, dial 9-1-1. If the situation is not an emergency but you would like an officer to respond to a particular location, dial College Police dispatch at 310-434-4300.

The UTIP message line, 310-434-8847, is provided as a resource for those wishing to report crimes or problems anonymously. It is a telephone message line, a person does not answer the telephone. The UTIP line is checked often.

If you choose to report anonymously, you must leave specific details in order for our Officer's to investigate the crime or situation.
Please provide details to the best of your ability concerning the situation:

  • What appears suspicious to you?

  • Where exactly did the situation occur?

  • Did the individual(s) have any weapons?

  • What did they say?

  • Where and when were they last seen?

  • What direction of travel did they take?

  • Was there a vehicle involved? What is the vehicle description?

  • What did the individual(s) look like? (Gender, Race, Age, Height/Weight, Hair color, Clothing, Glasses, etc.)

Questions, problems, or to report a situation: Dial 310-434-UTIP (8847) or 310-434-4300