How to Apply for Scholarships


Qualifications for Current SMC Students

  • Students need to declare a major and educational goal through their student portal at Corsair Connect. Log in to Corsair Connect to complete.
  • Students need to complete at least six (6) SMC units and have an overall 2.0 GPA by the scholarship application deadline of December 31​.
  • Students need to be enrolled in at least six (6) units for the Spring term in order to be considered for a scholarship.
  • Continuing students are required to show proof of enrollment in at least six (6) units for the following Fall term to be eligible to receive a scholarship award.
  • Students must be in good standing with the SMC Code of Conduct Administrative Regulation AR4410 and AR4411.
  • Students who have previously earned a Bachelor's degree are ineligible for SMC scholarships

Qualifications for Graduating High School Students (Incoming SMC Freshman)

  • ​Incoming freshmen starting at SMC in Summer or Fall 2020

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

  • Attending SMC full-time or part-time (6 unit minimum)

  • US citizens, permanent residents, or AB540​

How to Apply

  1. Become an SMC student. Apply to SMC today.
  2. Log into Corsair Connect once you receive your SMC ID#. Initial login password will be your date of birth (MMDDYY).
  3. Log back into Corsair Connect the next day, then click on the Scholarship icon. Follow instructions on the SMC Academic Works website to create an account and complete the application.

​Scholarship Application Instructions

  1. Download a copy of the PDF FileScholarship Application Checklist.
  2. If you don't try, you'll never know! All students must complete the SMC Digital Scholarship Application online which is available on the Corsair Connect website. Required personal statements must be submitted electronically.
  3. All students must complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for scholarships.
  4. AB 540 Students should complete the online California DREAM Act application.
  5. International F-1 Visa Students should complete the supplemental financial section on the SMC online digital scholarship section.
  6. Some scholarships may require an essay, writing samples, an art or photography portfolio and/or letters of recommendation. Please check the list of additional requirements under the various scholarships offered.

What Can You Do Now?

  1. Start writing your personal scholarship statement.
  2. If you have a resume, submit that to your recommendatory as a reference point.
  3. If you want to use optional letters of recommendation, start contacting teachers, counselors, and others about writing a letter of recommendation; all submissions of required materials are the student's responsibility.
  4. Submit applications early, since applications and documents must be received complete to the SMC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office on or before the December 31st deadline.

What Happens After You Apply?

Only completed applications are reviewed and sorted by scholarship criteria. Once reviewed, the application is forwarded to review committees for consideration. Students are matched to a scholarship. Scholarship Review Committees may or may not choose to interview candidates. If you are selected for an award requiring an interview, you will be contacted by email using your SMC email address listed on the digital application. Contact the scholarship office immediately with changes of address or telephone number.

The Scholarship Committee will ask questions with regards to your educational goals and career plans. All scholarship winners and non-winners will be notified by email in May.

A list of scholarship winners will be sent directly to the SMC Foundation. If these awards affect your financial aid award package, you will receive a revised award letter. All scholarships are granted to fund tuition, fees, books, supplies, and any other educational expenses.

Deadlines & Important Dates

The deadline to submit an application and any supporting materials is December 31. No exceptions. A selections committee will assess and review the applications, interview applicants, and select the scholarship winners.

Continuing & Transfer Students

Date Deadline
October 7 Scholarship Application Opens
December 31 Scholarship Application Closes
February 24 - April 24 Scholarship Review Committees review applications
Early May Scholarship awards are announced via email
June 6 Mandatory Scholarship Awards Ceremony with Donors

Current & Transfer Awardees disbursement will be available for pick-up at the ceremony if required documents submitted to the Scholarship Office two weeks prior to ceremony​

Graduating High School Students (Incoming SMC Freshmen)

Date Deadline
February 1 Scholarship Application Opens
April 3 Scholarship Application Closes
April 6 - May 1 Scholarship Review Committees meet to review applications
Mid-May Scholarship awards are announced via email
June 6 Mandatory Scholarship Awards Ceremony with Donors
August 16 Incoming Freshman Awardees Disbursement available for pick-up

Scholarship Verification Process

In order to receive an award, scholarship recipients are required to complete the verification process. The Foundation will release scholarship payments once the following steps are complete:

  1. All Students: Complete an updated PDF Fileaddress verification form
  2. All Students: Complete a thank you letter to your donor. PDF FileSuggested guidelines and format.
  3. Continuing Students: Include a copy of fall classes to show proof of enrollment in fall classes.
  4. Transfer Students: Include a letter of acceptance or confirmed schedule of registered classes is required.
  5. All Students: Submit materials to the: SMC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, located on the main SMC Campus, Drescher Hall D150 or email to It is necessary that all documents include the student's name as it appears on file at SMC and the student's SMC identification number.
  6. All Students: Once the SMC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office has received a complete packet, the Foundation will issue a check directly to the student.
  7. Important Note to All Students: If you do not claim your award(s) within six months by December 31st, it reverts back to the Foundation.

Some awards are more than the Internal Revenue Service minimum and should be reported as income on your annual tax return. The threshold for non-wage income reporting is approximately $600 or more, however, please contact the I.R.S. for current information.

SMC Foundation Board of Directors

Mark Ivener, Esq., Chair; Margaret Sohagi, Vice-Chair; Spring Aspers, Secretary; Samuel R. Biggs, Treasurer; Don Girard, Dr. Tiffany Grunwald, Deanna M. Hansen, Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, Fred Kipperman, William Lippman, Lizzy Moore, Dr. Ava T. Shamban, Mark Verge

Foundation Staff

  • Max Brossy, Administrative Assistant
  • Laurie McQuay Peninger, Associate Dean, Grants
  • Socrates Manuel, Projects & Events Manager
  • Lizzy Moore, Dean, Institutional Advancement
  • Dan Sy, Associate Director/CFO
  • Cheryl Ward, Development Director

Santa Monica College Board of Trustees

Dr. Margaret Quinones-Perez, Chair; Dr. Nancy Greenstein, Vice-Chair; Dr. Susan Aminoff; Dr. Louise Jaffe; Rob Rader; Barry Snell; Dr. Sion Roy; Brooke Harrington​, Student Trustee; Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, Superintendent/President