High School Programs

Getting Signatures



​​​​​​Getting Counselor/Principal Digital Signatures​


If your counselor is unable to sign the form digitally, then an email can be sent on behalf of the student to the concurrentenrollment@smc.edu inbox. The email must come from the counselor's work (school) email. The email should include the student's High School Concurrent Enrollment application, the courses the counselor approves the student for in the body of the email, and an unofficial transcript. No need for seal or digital signature so long as the email says they approve the enrollment. If the application is for the summer semester, then the principal's signature is required.

If the principal is unable to sign the form digitally, then the counselor can forward the paperwork to the principal. The principal can then forward the email to the concurrentenrollment@smc.edu inbox, and indicate they approve the student for SUMMER [YEAR] enrollment. The principal does not have to sign the form so long as they provide their approval from their school email address.

The principal's signature is only required for the SUMMER semester.