Mar 9

Skating Beyond the Fire: Professional Skateboarders Oscar Meza & Fabian Alomar

5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Online
Skating Beyond the Fire: Professional Skateboarders Oscar Meza & Fabian Alomar

Have you ever wondered what it REALLY takes to become a pro Skateboarder and to join Team Mexico for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo? Oscar Meza and Fabian Alomar will speak about their stories that are so different than most skaters’ lives that it almost seems unreal.

Their stories are about opportunity and redemption and how their artistic outlets provide them with focus, intent and peace. They will engage you with their twists and turns in life yet how they did not become defined by the barriers and challenges of their lives but broke through them to become renowned world skaters leading to sponsorships by Menace Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Vans, Bones Bearings, DVS Shoes and more from their humble beginnings as Los Angeleno street skaters.

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Oscar Meza - Oscar is a professional skateboarder from Los Angeles who is currently living in Mexico City as he is part of the Olympic Skateboarding team representing Mexico. He is legendary in the skating community as he has "broken" into an arena that is predominantly white men. He had a passion and a goal to show the world that a Latino can achieve success in this world. And he has more than surpassed this dream. As a professional skater who is consistently on the cover of skating magazines such as Thrasher and The Boardr Skateboarding. He is the epitomy of an individual that took life into his own hands. In fact, his favorite quote is "That life doesn't wait for anyone!". Oscar has received sponsorship by Vans, SkateLibreSkateboards, Yoyo Wheels, and BonesSwiss Bearings to name a few. In addition, he has been in commercials for Apple, Microsoft and and Honda.

Oscar's Instagram Accounts are @oscarmeza and @oscarmezart

Fabian Alomar - Fabian is a Los Angeleno with a story so different than most skaters' lives that it almost seems unreal. Incredible life stories of a pro skater. He is a former professional skateboarder, traveled the world, was a pro skater sponsored by Menace skateboards.  Fabian is also an accomplished actor with nationally recognized shows and movies.  Currently, Fabian has become an influencer as a youtuber on “Cholos Try”, acting and empowering youth to embrace skateboarding.  Fabian has had an Incredible life with twists and turns that have developed him into the powerhouse that he is.   

Fabian's Instagram Account is @fabianalomarofficial

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