Kamiko Greenwood

Kamiko Greenwood

A.S. Director of Student Advocacy

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Kamiko is a double major in Business and Communication Studies, under the two Area of Interests at Santa Monica College. She states, "I came to Santa Monica College because of its reputation of being the number one transfer school and to save money. We all know four-year institutions are expensive. SMC was the most cost-effective option, and I could still get a good education."

Kamiko chose to be a part of leadership to make a difference. She says, "There are somethings that are occurring at Santa Monica College that I do not like. Instead of just complaining about it I took action in hopes of changing the situation. One of the issues that got me started on this leadership journey was my efforts to remove Proctorio, which is an online exam proctoring software program that is invasive and discriminatory. Therefore, I chose to run for A.S director of advocacy because I have the desire to improve the educational experience for students. This can only be done if we include students and reform the policies that are not student friendly. I aim to put in place an educational system that is truly student centered. The only way to achieve this goal is to include students in the decision making of the educational policy process, have their concerns heard, and actions taken that align with their wants and needs. With the collaboration of students, administrators, and professors I know we can improve and enhance the overall Santa Monica College experience for every student."

Fun Fact: Kamiko played five different sports in high school; 1-Winter Gaurd, 2-Basketball, 3-Volleyball, 4-Track and 5-Color Gaurd. 

Personal Note: "If you have an issue that you would like me to tackle that is present at Santa Monica College I am just an email away. Please send any questions or concerns to my director email address."