Jeanine Grimes

Jeanine Grimes

A.S. Director of Student Assistance

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Jeanine is a second-year History major with aspirations to attend law school and become a human rights lawyer. Her journey to SMC started at the beggining of the pandemic when Jeanine made the decision with her family to forgo starting at a four-year institution after high school due to financial stability. In fact, Jeanine says "I was going to accept a scholarship at a college, but I knew I was not going to be happy studying at (that) college. Therefore, I decided to attend SMC for two years and eventually transfer to the school of my dreams."

Jeanine became involved in student leadership to get more involved with the student community and try new things since she had never imagined putting herself out there in college. She was a commissioner with the former Director of Student Assistance and loved the work they were doing; to which she ultimately ran for elections and was elected. Initially, Jeanine says, "I did not see myself under this role, but I wanted to create change as a first-generation student. When I first started at SMC, I was not aware of all the beneficial programs that the school offered, and I want to make sure students make use of all the benefits SMC offers."

Fun Fact: Jeanine likes to go on road trips and hike. Recently, She also recently began running and staying active."